Bar (English Menu) / 17:00~

Bar / 17:00~


Suntory Draft (Premium Malts)  400 yen
Kakuhai-ball (Whisky+Soda)  400 yen

Ryokucya-hai (Green tea + Shochu)  400 yen
Oolong-hai (Oolong tea + Shochu)  400 yen
Java Tea-hai (Java tea + Shochu)  400 yen

Hoppi-Set (Hoppi soda + Shochu)  400 yen

Sour-Set (Shochu + choice of lemon or grapefruits soda)  400 yen
Pakuchi Lemon-hai (Cilantro-lemon + Shochu)  400 yen
Naka-Shochu (Extra Shochu)   200 yen
Nanko-ume sour (Japanese plum + Shochu)   400 yen
Shochu from Wakayama prefecture – Best enjoyed on the rocks!
 Potato 450 yen
 Barley 450 yen
Umesyu- (Nanko-plum &honey brandy)  450 yen
 Add Japanese plum for 50 yen

 Reisyu (Cold Sake from Wakayama)  500 yen
 Shizuku (Sparkling Sake)  600 yen

Red wine by the glass  500 yen
Opus One 2012  99,999 yen
Acquired in THE WINERY. Please bring your favorite glasses

Suntory All Free (Non-alcohol beer)  400 yen
Non-alcohol Drink – Oolong tea/Coke/Ginger ale/OJ 300 yen


(Picos for +100 yen)

200 yen

‐ Raisins
‐ Pepperoni
‐ Cream Cheese

Start Off
‐ Ika-sugata-age – Japanese Fried Calamari
‐ chīkama- Fish cakes plus cheese
‐ Gyoniku Sausage- Fish meat sausage
‐ Beef Jerky
‐ Ika-Kunsei- Japanese style smoked calamari

300 yen

‐ Horse beans coated with brown sugar
‐ Premium Dark Chocolate
‐ Nuts
‐ Tama-kon –Ball konja with (Choice of) Curry or Miso-bean paste on top
‐ Kamaboko – Fish cakes from Wakayama prefecture
‐ Morokyu – Cucumber with special Miso
‐ Nanko-umekyu – Cucumber with Japanese plum paste
‐ Tofu-Sansyozuke – Cold bean curd with green chili pickle on top

400 yen

‐ Atsuage-yaki- Specially toasted deep fried tofu
‐ Mentai-Mayo-Hanpen
Specially made puffy fish cakes toasted with mayonnaise and seasoned cod roe on top
‐ Homemade sausage from Hokkaido
‐ Miso-yakko – Cold bean curd with special Miso on top

Famous local appetizers

A Variety of the Kurobuta can from Kagoshima prefecture – 500yen/ea
This is specially cooked “Black-hog” pork served in designer cans.
(*For an additional 200 yen, finish off your Ahijo or Tacos can with rice and cheese flavored soup)
The Iwashi-can (sardines) in various flavors and styles from Kushiro, Hokkaido – 400yen/ea
Designer canned fruits – please ask

●Kurobuta – Heritage breeds are specially raised and heralded for their intensely flavorful meat and fat.

Mushroom Ahijo 400yen
Buttered pan fried corn